Everyday Cycles Labor Prices

We offer bike pick up and delivery in the Riverwest/Eastside/Northshore area! Contact us for details about picking up your bike for service in Milwaukee!

The labor prices below are a general guide for what to expect when getting your bike serviced. Each bike is unique. We will always give you an accurate estimate, and request your approval, before any repairs are done.

Safety Inspection/Repair Estimate: $40 deposit
(This is a non-refundable charge but will go towards the final cost of the repair)
This service includes inspection of all components for wear and/or proper adjustment as well as minor adjustments to derailleurs, brakes, etc. (This must be done in order to schedule a repair.)

Standard Tune Up: $95 + parts
(If during the repair estimate we deem your bike needs these services we may suggest this.)
This includes the installation of wear parts, adjustment and lubrication of all parts of the bicycle, wheel truing, bearing adjustments, and proper tire inflation.

Light Tune Up: $65 + parts
(If your bicycle does not require the replacement of wear parts, such as cables/housings; cassette/freewheel, or wheel truing, we may recommend the Light Tune Up.) This includes adjustment and lubrication of all parts of the bicycle, plus installation of chain, and/or brake pads if needed.

Bicycle Overhaul/Build: $250-400 + parts
Complete bicycle disassembly, component cleaning, repack and/or replace all bearings, brake and shifter cables and housings, brake pads, true wheels, and reassembly.

Labor charges (subject to estimate and approval by our mechanics)

Bike Builds (including bikes purchased online)

  • Single Speed Build (Labor): $100
  • Multi-Speed Bike Build (Labor): $160
  • Multi-Speed Frame Swap (Labor): $250 (Cables and Housing, as well as any necessary wear parts will be added to the labor price as needed.)

Tires and Wheels

  • Install and/or Remove Tire or Tube: $15-25 per wheel (complex systems require more time, e.g. internal geared hubs)
  • Install Wheel Rim Strip or Tape: $0 with tube or tire change, $9 alone
  • Remove/Install Freewheel: $15
  • Cone Adjustment (Per Hub): $10-20
  • Repack Hub (Per Hub): $0 Front/$35 Rear
  • Wheel True/Dish (Per wheel): $15-30 
  • Re-dish Wheel for Single Speed: $40
  • Spoke Replacement (Includes Wheel Truing): $30-and up, per wheel, $1.25 per spoke and up depending on spoke type
    • Wheel Building:
    • $60 – one wheel
    • $120 – two wheels labor $1.25 per spoke and up depending on spoke type
  • Brake Adjustment: $10-25
  • Install Brake Pads: $10 per wheel ($15 for old, smooth post cantilevers) for rim brakes, $10-$20 for disc brakes, $20-$40 for drum shoes

Derailleurs, Brakes, Seatpost

  • Adjust Brakes/Derailleur: $10 Front or Rear
  • Straighten Derailleur Hanger: $20
  • Adjust Saddle Height/Bar Height: N/C
  • Hydraulic Brake Service: Depends on the manufacturer


  • Headset Adjust: $10-20
  • Headset Overhaul: $35
  • Install Headset: $35

Bottom Brackets, Cranks, Drivetrain, and Pedals

  • Install Bottom Bracket: $35 loose ball, $30 cartridge
  • Bottom Bracket Adjustment (loose ball): $20
  • Bottom Bracket Overhaul: $25 
  • Remove and/or Install Chain: $15
  • Remove and/or Install Cassette: $15
  • Crank Removal and/or Installation: $10
  • Remove and/or Install Pedals: $10
  • Chain Ring Installation: $10-15

Handlebars and Misc. Installations

  • Bar Tape Installation: $25
  • Handle Bar Swap: $25 (not including cables and wrap)
  • Cutting Handle Bars: $10 per cut 
  • Rack Installation: $15-$25
  • Fender Installation: $15-$50
  • Cable Installation: $10 per cable

Machining and Misc.

  • Remove Stuck Parts: $Hourly
  • Chase Bottom Bracket: $35
  • Fork Threading: $25 per inch
  • Reaming: $15 per ream
  • Facing: Head Tube or Bottom Bracket shell $35
  • Flex-hone Seat Tube: $20
  • Shock maintenance: Depends on the fork. Most suspension manufacturers recommend maintenance every 100 to 125 hours of riding. Check your manual!

Insurance Estimate: $75

General Labor Charge is $95 per hour

Ask us about special services for internally geared hubs like Rohloff, Shimano Alfine/Nexus and Sturmy Archer.