Road Runner Jammer Bicycle Handlebar Bag


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The Road Runner Jammer is a unique high volume, rackless, universal handlebar/saddle bag. This bag is perfect for city commuting/road touring/dirt bikepacking, fat-biking or casual beach rides - load it up with the essentials and have plenty of room for more gear. This bag was designed for cyclists by cyclists! It is easy use, fun to ride with and a treat when you need it; forget your bike is loaded down with the help of the Jammer! Lightweight, durable and water resistant!

There are two external expanding front pockets with a flap lid. The lid has a 2" strip of 3M reflective and a blinky light loop directly above. This bag was made for either front (for dirt) or rear (for road) use and will accommodate a variety of bikes, handle bars and different riding styles. The closure straps (C.W.S.) were designed to give adjustable positions for the optimal weight to tension ratio. You can load this pup up and really cinch it down to create a stiff and compact bag with minimal sway or sag when mounted appropriately. The bag has an internal structure to give form and an internal stiffener which will not bend or break. We designed this bag to open up new options on how your gear is carried, don't be afraid to get creative and try to mounting techniques!

When fully expanded the Jammer will reach up to 9.75L in volume and can be rolled down to more than half of that.

When using this bag on the rear for road use, note that the bag mounts to the Saddle Loops.

Additional Info

The Road Runner Jammer Bag uses a roll top closure combined with dual vertical adjusting straps. We call this the C.W.S.: Closure Webbing System. The C.W.S. creates a 4 point compression and works to keep the bag cinched tight as well as giving it the 4th mounting point (either around the handle bars or saddle rails) which then eliminates sway and sag. Simply remove the webbing strap from the d-rings and restring the webbing around the point of interest then back to the bottom d-ring and up to the roll top closure buckle.

  • Weight: 1lb
  • Max load limit: Haven't found it yet!
  • You rip it; we'll fix it!
  • Dimensions: 10"- 14" Tall x 10" Wide x 5" Deep

Features and Tech

  • Minimum Front clearance required: 9" - measured from the center of the stem faceplate to top of tire
  • Minimum Rear clearance required: 9" - measured from saddle rail to the top of the tire Internal hard liner for added stability
  • Internal stiffener for added stability at handlebar/saddle mounting points
  • Dual Expanding Front Pockets
  • Front 3M Reflective
  • Blinky Light Loop
  • Adjustable Mounting Techniques
  • Internal Roll Top Stiffener
  • Seam taped liner for a fully waterproof main pocket
  • YKK Buckles and hardware
  • Made in the USA Nylon Webbing, Velcro and buckles

Front or rear mount ability depending on road conditions and pack load. We suggest a light load for rear use and it performs optimally for road use but can be used in the dirt if packed appropriately i.e. heavy stuff at the bottom and cinched like hell!

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