Sturdy Bag Designs Touring Set - 5 Bags!

$400.00 $680.00

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Here's a deal I hope one of you won't pass up! This is a set of Sturdy Bag Designs bags to outfit your rig for whatever adventure you might be planning. Hit the Urban Assault, go on a tour, figure it out! Included in this set, which is a Demo set that Sven used a couple of times by the way, are the following:

  • 2 x Pannier (Retail for the pair $370)
  • 2 x Minne(apolis) Pannier (Retail for the pair $240)
  • 1 x Standard Feed Bag (Retail $70)
  • Retail for the set $680 - save some production time and get this gently used set for $400!
  • Check out for more info on the bags in this set.
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