• Road Runner Bags for Cyclists Arrive at Everyday Cycles

October 23, 2018 0 Comments

road runner bags for cyclists

We just got our first shipment of Made-in-the-USA Road Runner Bags for Cyclists. Everything is handmade By Cyclists, for Cyclists™. Road Runner uses USA Made materials and hardware and everything is cut n' sewn at Road Runner Bags HQ, in Downtown Los Angeles.

This shipment included Backpacks, Frame Bags, Handlebar Bags, Cell Phone Holders, Hip Packs and Tool Rolls. We will be ordering again soon, if you need something special, let us know! We are your local source for Road Runner Bags for Cyclists.

road runner bags tool roll for cyclists

road runner bags cell phone holder for cyclists

road runner bags for cyclists hip or shoulder bag

road runner camera point and shoot bag for cyclists

Some back story on Road Runner bags from founder Brad Adams!

The Early Days
Starting in a small bedroom in SoCal where RRB founder Brad Adams found himself in a unique position. "At the time, I was living in South Orange County and commuting twice a week up to Fullerton College. As an avid cyclist and entrepreneur in my early 20’s, I was fueled by living a plant-based diet around a bicycle-centric lifestyle, all while keeping my carbon footprint to a minimum. On my long bicycle commutes home, I would dream up new ways of carrying gear on the bicycle. I loved the idea of my gear representing my values, just as the bicycle represented my green lifestyle. I wanted high quality, cycling specific gear made of the finest technical materials and MUSA – Made in the USA!

The Story Goes On
As my commute continued, I began to prioritize my time off the bicycle with late hours at my sewing machine. My tiny bedroom turned into a small manufacturing studio. I eventually even removed my bed frame and banished the mattress to the closet where it would live its days rolled up like a Little Debbie Swiss Roll. I managed to turn nickels to dimes and before I knew it, I had saved up enough to move out of that little bedroom and started my dream of building a Los Angeles based bike bag manufacturing facility.

Made in the USA is how we remake the USA!
That dream continues on today with 8 full time skilled sewists, production cutters, social media managers, lifestyle product photographers and e-commerce gurus right here in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles. Today we roam free in our ground level manufacturing facility located off the Main St. bike lane between 8th and 9th St.

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