• Everyday Cycles Partners With Chumba USA to Offer Complete Bikes With Made in the USA Frames

December 11, 2018 0 Comments

I met Vince from Chumba USA, based in Austin, Texas, at Interbike a few years back and was impressed with the design, build quality and attention to detail of the frames that his company makes. When I started looking at which Made-in-the-USA frames I want to offer at Everyday Cycles, Chumba USA topped the list. I believe the models they offer fit the theme of the shop very well! Chumba’s entire line of frames is Made-in-the-USA with the steel models done in house in Austin, TX and the Titanium versions built by the premier US ti frame builders to spec for Chumba.

Let’s take a look at Chumba’s frames:

Ursa Major Titanium Fat-bike

Here in Wisconsin we are fat-bike fans through and through so when the opportunity for Everyday Cycles to acquire the remaining stock of Chumba USA’s Ursa Major Titanium Fat-bike frames we jumped at it! These are Made in the USA at the most respected titanium frame manufacturer in the country and have a host of features like clearance for 5.0 tires, Oversize-titanium tubes, Paragon Machine Works sliding dropouts and 44mm head tube make this the most versatile fat-bike you can own.

Here’s the rub. The remains stock we have is all that will be available. The cost to produce these frames makes continuing the current model unsustainable. Heck, at $2295.00 these frames cost the same or less than many of the ti models coming in from China and these are made right here in the USA!

Stella 29er and 27plus available in steel and titanium

The Stella is a new take on a classic, the steel 29er. Perfectly placed BB drop gives you clearance to pedal through the rough stuff. The Stella's modern geometry climbs with more power, stays playful on the trail, and flies out of corners. Quality and careful details, like in-house fabrication, oversized CHUMBA Select Double Butted 4130 tubing, clean cable routing, and Paragon Machine Works stainless steel dropouts, mean this bike will exceed your expectations and provide years of reliable service. The Stella has the option to run 148x12 Boost or it can be made 142x12/135x10 , geared, single speed or Rohloff. It also can fit 29x2.6" tires or 27plus x 2.8" tires as well as tapered forks.

Ursa 29plus

This proven design continues to lead the way for those seeking more tire and mud clearance, drivetrain compatibility and durability. The newest URSA 29plus takes advantage of the latest hub & wheel standards, now utilizing 148x12 Boost rear hub spacing with a 73mm threaded bottom bracket while offering the same great tire and chain clearance as the original URSA 29plus!

The CHUMBA URSA 29plus led the way as one of the first production plus bikes on the market. Traditionally, 29plus is a wheel size that used 3.0" tires. Now riders are using anything from 2.6-3.25" wide tires. These tire sizes yield tons of fun, traction in the best and worst conditions and a smoother ride. The extra cushion of the wider tires means you can ride this bike more aggressively and go farther. A plus bike's larger tires also allow for extremely low tire pressures usually between 8 and 20 psi. Riding on a plus bike tire you can lean the bike much harder into turns allowing you to maneuver quickly on the trail.

Terlingua available in steel and titanium

The Terlingua is a high performance gravel bike, capable of traversing long distances on a wide range of surfaces. It's geometry is also at home sprinting out of corners at your local cyclocross race. The Terlingua represents the best in modern steel bike design. With low frame weight and a team tested tubeset selected for stiffness from the chain-stays through the downtube, the Terlingua is focused on performance. Chumba chose tubing for comfort from the seat-stay through the top tube junction creating a bike that accelerates fast, but can also track through rough terrain. Features like stainless steel sliding Paragon Machine Works dropouts w/ replaceable inserts, industry leading compatibility for tire clearance, chainring size and drivetrain styles mean the Terlingua will find a home in your bike stable for years of service. The Terlingua comes in a full range of sizes from 50-60cm and fit true to size.

All Chumba USA frames use Paragon rear dropouts for a wide variety of rear hubs and to help tune the ride and handling to your needs.

For your custom build, we source parts from a wide variety of the best manufacturers in the cycling business. Get a conversation started about your next bike by Contacting Us!

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