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Join Sven, JK and Tony in the Everyday Cycles Riverwest Studio as we welcome call-in guest, Dave Schlabowske, as we explore Wisconsin's Northwoods, waterfalls and learn about Socially Distant Camping in the time of the pandemic.

Talking Schmack

  • Sunrise has been sold! Our local convenience store has a new owner.
  • Bye Bye Bombora! I wanted to keep it.
crust bombora adventure bike milwaukee
Jessica's Crust Bombora is ready for adventure!

wisconsin northwoods bikepacking
Camping at waterfall's edge in Northern Wisconsin

Call-in Guest - Dave Schlabowske fills us in on the ongoing Wisconsin Waterfall Bikepacking route in Northern Wisconsin and gives us some tips on Socially Distant Camping. Photos related to this story were taken by Dave!

wisconsin waterfall bikepacking route

Dave's rig for the trip with his custom built rear rack; crafted with his own hands!

custom fillet-brazed bikepacking rack

Dave made this fillet-brazed rack for lightweight bikepacking.

CAMBA flow trails

 CAMBA flow trail in Wisconsin's Northwoods near Cable.

northwoods coffee bikepacking

Starting off the bikepacking day right, with coffee and a waterfall!

morning bikepacking maintenance wisconsin north woods

Morning maintenance in the Northwoods.


 northwoods yurt wisconsin bikepacking

 Morning maintenance in the Northwoods.

black husky brewing dogfather milwaukee

Show Beer

Black Husky Dogfather

  • Another drink with Loki!
  • Thanks to Dan and Jessica for bringing in the brew
  • Learn more about Dogfather when it was our Show Beer on #31. Weird, #62 is twice #31, huh!

sven hammer host full spectrum cycling

Sven in the Full Spectrum Cycling Studio.

wyatt fatbike 

 Karic's Maverick Fatbike got a new Ergon saddle.

IMBA eMTB Position -

  • Basically, We support trail access for Class 1 eMTBs and support shared use on trails as long as access is not lost or impeded for traditional mountain bikes. 
  • Want to read the BLM’s LONG proposal for eMTB access on BLM land?
  • Want to comment to the BLMon the proposal? - Do it by June 9th - 
  • IMBA’s Sample Comment (assuming you agree with it!)

 Sample Comment:

Thank you for the opportunity for the public to engage in the Bureau of Land Management’s Increasing Recreational Opportunities through the Use of Electric Bikes.

The mountain bike community is responsible for a large part of the natural surface trail infrastructure that exists today on our federal, state and local public lands. Hundreds of organized mountain bike clubs around the country manage thousands of volunteers who work closely with land managers on trail development, trail maintenance, and trail education for all users.

Mountain bikers appreciate the leap in technology presented by eMTBs is a unique management challenge. This proposed rule rightfully plans separate management for bicycles and electric bicycles. It is critical land managers and local mountain bikers work together to determine where eMTBs are and are not appropriate on current and future mountain bike trails. The proposed rule includes an admirable planning process to achieve this, which could be made stronger by clarifying the timeline for NEPA analysis.

The final rule should be improved by following the International Mountain Bicycling Association’s management recommendations: managing the three classes of e-bikes separately from one another, and prohibiting class 2 and class 3 eMTBs on natural surface, non-motorized trails. This is to maintain the spirit of traditional mountain bicycling by ensuring pedal-assisted use, and maintaining reasonable speeds for the safety of all users.

Thank you for the willingness to engage with the mountain bike community.


[name, location, contact information]

Call-in to 717-727-2453 and leave us a message about how you are cycling your way through the coronavirus shutdown!


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